AJ & Meredith

We  are a couple who work well together, and bring a variety of experiences to help you get where you need to be.


AJ has recently retired from the US Marine Corps after 30 years of service. He has spent the last 15 years overseeing recruiting operations for the Marine Corps; ranging from the local Sacramento area to planning for recruiting goals at the national level.  For his last 6 years as Director of Operations, Western Region and New York Metro area, he was responsible for developing and supervising the advertising and marketing strategy; partnering with J. Walter Thompson to effectively use a $50M advertising budget to increase brand awareness, sponsor regional and local lead generation events, and increase digital media engagement on multiple platforms.


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How we can help you



We offer the experience and skill to deliver a product that is inclusive of all additional needs/requirements. Below are some highlights:


Comprehensive Service: If you tell us that you need a web site, and you’ve never had one before, we'll walk you through it and ensure things get taken care of that you may not have thought about (i.e. logo, branding, marketing potential, SEO, etc.)


Marketing: We have extensive marketing experience in different mediums ranging from brand awareness to lead generation. Integration of relevant digital media platforms, with appropriate analysis for each.


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